Start by ordering one of the Carrots on Wheels boxes which come in combinations of:

  • Fruits;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruit and Vegetables; or
  • Fruit, Vegetables and Meat

You can then add on Groceries Sold Separately to be included in your box/s.

You can choose if you want a reocurring order (subscription) or a one-time purchase.


If you'd prefer to select each item specifically for your box, we recommend visiting our Personal Shopper Serive page.

Pre-Designed (Essesntials, Gourmet & Specialty and sales boxes)

Build Your Own (BYO Box) 

Personal Shopper Service

How to Order

Order online as per prices listed

Order online as per prices listed

Request a quote online for selected items.

Price and invoice emailed for payment.

Choice of items

Limited to 1 or 2 swap options when ordering

Choose up to 8 item types


Choice of quantities / weighths



Mustly unlimited


One Size



Extra Large

Meat Packs Included

Included in the Fruit, Vegetable & Meat Combo.

Otherwise sold seperately.

Sold seperately Can be included


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We have designed a range of pre-designed boxes in different sizes to suit the needs of most individuals and families. They are the most economical and simple to order. The range of pre-designed boxes include:

  • The Essentials Range includes a generous selection of seasonal produce to prepare your day-to-day meals.
  • The Gourmet Range offers seasonal fruit and vegetables and a selection of gourmet meat cuts such as scotch fillet, lamb cutlets and chicken breast. This range is great for those who love to cook.
  • The Specialty Range has been designed to suit specific cuisines or catering requirements. For example, an Asian Box, Salad Box, and Party Goers Box.

If it is more choice you are looking for then we recommend the Build Your Own Box.

Our pre-designed boxes come in one size which includes approximately 38-40 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables plus additional meat and grocery items as listed on each product page.

By nature of having farm-fresh produce, variations do occur each harvest. We provide approximate number of pieces only and are unable to specify exactly how many of each item you will receive in your box (unless using our Personal Shopper Service.

When you buy one of our Carrot on Wheels boxes, our commitment to you is that we fill it with a generous combination of fresh produce according to the box price, type and size.

If you have very specific requirements please visit our Personal Shopper Service page or contact us so we can work out a solution for you.

  • Small: Available to V.I.C. Vets only.
  • Medium: Includes approx. 45-50 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables.
  • Large: Includes approx. 50-55 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables.
  • Extra Large: Includes approx. 60-65pieces of fruit and/or vegetables.

Our Personal Shopper Service enables you to order from a list without box price limitations.

For pre-designed boxes, we provide a guide of Current Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Where swap options are avaiable or you have ordered a Build Your Own Box, we use your selections as our guide and make every endeavour to fulfil your requests.

The actual contents of the box may slightly change occasionally if a particular item is no longer available or the size or quality of the item is drastically different than usual on the day of collection from the farm.

The Essentials, Gourmet, and Specialty ranges have been designed with set contents to suit most people.

You can choose to swap a limited number of items on the product page when ordering these boxes.

If you prefer ultimate choice, we recommend the Build Your Own Box option or our Personal Shopper Service.

On the odd occasion, if an item is unavailable at the farm we will generally swap it for something else of equal value (either more of the other items going in your box or something else). This is acceptable by most of our customers.

When ordering, there is an option to allow swaps or to not allow swaps. If you choose not to allow swaps we have to cancel your order for that day. This is because we go to the farm to collect produce for your order on the same day as delivery

If you have very specific requirements please contact us so we can work out a solution for you.

We collect produce from local farms in the Hawkesbury. Our meat comes from a quality butcher, also in the Hawkesbury.

The Hawkesbury is known as the food bowl of Sydney for very good reason. The region is rich in ground nutrients, ample water supply and fresh air. Local farmers can produce a wide variety of fruit and vegetables throughout each season.

Our priority is to source as much local produce as possible for you. Our farmers grow 80% of their produce. The other 20%, which we still supply from farmers out of area, are varieties that do not grow in the region but are foods customers still love year round - just like bananas.

Subscriptions are a great way to get your regular order without having to reorder each time. No lock in contracts and cancel any time. Find out more here: Subscriptions.

We really value our customers and invite you to subscribe to our V.I.C. community. Click here to join for free membership V.I.C. Loyalty Program. V.I.C. members receive Free Shipping, exclusive offers and earn points to use on rewards in store.

You will be required to choose a delivery day and time slot from available options at checkout. In general our delivery days are listed here:Delivery days. We are currently unable to give specific times apart from the timeslot provided for delivery. You will be notified when your order is out for delivery and when it has been delivered.

Your box will be left at your front door or in a shaded spot near your front door. If you have specified in your order notes a specific location at your home we will leave it there for you. You will be notified by email or text when your order has been delivered.

We can not take responsibility for damaged, spoiled or lost items after we have left your box at your address, so please be sure to collect your items as soon as possible after delivery has been made to refrigerate or store appropriately.