Collection: Boxes for Families

We all know how important, and sometimes challenging it is in our busy lives to keep healthy food stocked up for the family at home.

Whether you are a small or large clan, and whether you have little picky eaters or hungry beasts to feed, Carrots on Wheels has a range of boxes to suit and each box is filled with seasonal farm-fresh produce.  

We can help with combinations of:

  • Vegetables delivered
  • Fruit delivered
  • Meat Delivered
  • and more!

Want low fuss ordering but a staple of fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat?

We recommend the Essentials Combo range.

Want more choice of what goes in your box?

We recommend the Build Your Own Box selector and a budget of $45, $55, or $65.

Want ultimate choice and a bigger budget?

Try our Personal Shopper Service.  Pick exactly what you want and how many and we will provide you a total price.